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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Revamp without Retype!

Have you ever found yourself looking for the original version of a great document you want to share with your customers or employees, but all you find is a bad copy?
Documents and forms degrade during copying and scanning due to equipment limitations or setup, resulting in black margins, punch hole marks, staple marks, handwriting and skewed pages.
With modern Make Ready software, and experienced personnel, you can give a professional look to you old documents without retyping, or spending precious time playing with office software or standing by the office copier.  Typical documents can be turned around in one business day, helping you meet your deadlines, at a fraction of the cost of the in-house alternative.
Corrections and improvements:
·         Erasing black margins, punch holes, staples and handwriting
·         Deskewing (straightening), page centering and margin creation
·         Page ordering
·         Adding numbers, headers, footers and edge notes

Make Ready examples are shown below.

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