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Monday, March 26, 2012

Elements That Make A Perfect Logo Design

It is usually created with a combination of elements such as graphics, illustrations, symbols, font, typography etc. A well-crafted logo does wonders for a brand; however a bad one can damage the reputation or create negative image. A logo immediately connects the target audience with the brand, provided it conveys the business philosophy and contains the right elements.
Following are some elements that should be taken care of to come up with good logo design:
1. Simple yet creative: Always remember the KISS rule (keep it simple silly). Logos which are full of colors with no logic behind them always create bad impressions. Hence is utmost important to keep the design simple yet creative. Too many elements can make the logo design complex; therefore it is advisable to use elements in subtle way. It is also important that a logo is esthetically appealing. Presentation of a logo is of utmost importance. The skills of a good logo designer come into play here. Using elements in a way that logo is simple yet esthetically beautiful creates a winning design.
2. Business philosophy: Since a logo provides the brand identity, hence it is extremely important to incorporate the business philosophy and values into the design. A good logo needs to include the brand and marketing message the company wants to convey to consumers.
3. Memorable: Elegant, stylish and creative logos are always memorable. There are several logos which look plain and simple but they are the big brands of the world. A well-designed Logo always creates brand re-call with the target audience.
4. Utility: A logo is used in various mediums. Since it is the brand identity, a logo is used on business stationery, website, brochures, promotional material etc. However, different variations of logo are used on different mediums. A good graphic designer creates a logo with its variations so that the brand owner gets to see its usability. Usually a logo is created in full colors along with a reverse option of Black & White. Hence it is important that the graphical elements are versatile to be used in different mediums. A logo should also be compact enough to be re-sized without compromising its esthetic value.
5. Eternal: A good logo withstands for a long time. It may need minor changes to keep it fresh and prevent it from being outdated. You don't need to change your logo when it already has associations created with your target audience.

Jason Samuel has experience in the field of online brand marketing. His interests includes Internet marketing and research on emerging online design trends logo design & web design.
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