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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Key to Unlocking a PDF

In today's quick-paced, Internet oriented society, people are constantly striving to share and disseminate as much data as they possibly can. The portable document format, shortened to PDF, is a file format that allows users to have formatted documents from publishing applications to appear on the computer screen as they were originally created.

Moreover, some PDF files also have features such as password confirmation. Unfortunately, this does not allow the recipients of PDF files to edit or copy the information within the file. Hence, most users may have a copy of a PDF to unlock.

A PDF to unlock is much like an old door with a broken lock. A person simply has to turn the knob to get into the next room. The problem, however, is to check if the knob opens the door properly.

Fortunately,, offers users a program that can easily remove passwords from PDF files. If a person has a PDF unlock problem, he or she can install this program to successfully view the contents of a secured PDF. Further copying, editing and extracting may also be accomplished after unlocking. Copy and paste operations may then be done on the said PDF. Subsequently, the data acquired from a PDF may then be transferred to other publishing programs.

As such, this allows users to save much time, effort and even money. Instead of looking for other sources of information, people can use the PDF unlocker to access secured PDF files. Students and professionals who are constantly plowing through various studies and researches on e-books can now use this nifty tool to open PDF files.

Furthermore, a user can also check if certain errors were made in the published PDF. With the password remover, individuals can proofread files without any restrictions as opposed to password-protected documents.

However, users must also be wary of the PDF they want to unlock. It is important to note that programs like these should not be used for illegal purposes. Editing or copying an author's work without proper citation and authorization, can result to plagiarism. An act like this will have serious consequences for students in school and professionals in the workplace. Ignorance of this act is not an excuse either, as it is up to the user to properly procure the needed data. Hence, this includes soft copy file formats such as PDF files and the like.           

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Remembrance

Monday is Memorial Day and an opportunity to honor those veterans who have died while serving the United States in war.  Enjoy the long weekend and extra day off from work.  But don't forget to bring out your most patriotic pride!  Fly your flag, dress in red, white, and blue.  And most of all - REMEMBER!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Know CPR!

You would expect Your Document Emergency Room to know CPR - right?  No, not Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - the CPR I am talking about it something that will save your business, your marketing program, and everything else you do in life.  CPR stands for CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT, and RESISTANT.  Let me break them each down.

CONSISTENT - You must be consistent in your goals and your actions.  Look at this Webster's definition of Consistent:
a : marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction>b : marked by agreement : compatible —usually used with with<statements not consistent with the truth>c : showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom <a consistent patriot>

Set goals for yourself and your organization that are in harmony with your character and your beliefs.  Be regular in expressing those goals to your staff, your customers, or your target market.  Expect consistency from your team.  Do be afraid to remove people from your organization that do not share your goals, or someone from a project that does not share the vision for the project.   The overall steady continuity is greater than any one individual personality.

Watch what the successful members of your team do everyday.  Model their consistency.  It is working!

PERSISTENT - Be persistent in your drive to your goals.  Even in the face of obstacles and adversity.  Once you have set your mind on your goal, commit to achieve it.  Yes, you might have to try different paths.  You might even have to back up and begin again.  But get moving toward your goal with persistence.  And bring your team with you.  Be the GPS that keeps your team on track.  Have you heard your GPS speak the ever annoying “Recalculating” when you have gotten off track?  It’s necessary to remind your team along the way what the destination is.  Persistently share your passion. 

Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.
Edward Eggleston

RESISTANT - Be resistant to negativity or to those who may tell you that you can’t do it.  Resist things that hinder your progress.  And resist your own self-doubt.  Turn those voices and insecurities into motivation.  Prove them wrong!  Resist the temptation to take shortcuts or to go against your character and beliefs.  The first time you try to get away with it you risk losing the respect and support of your team or your customers. 

And finally, be resistant to insignificant things that compete for your focus; those things that are inconsistent with your goals.  I am certainly not speaking of your family, your friends, or your customers.  I am talking about getting distracted by Farmville when you’re meant to be on Facebook posting a business update to your Fans.  Yes it happens to all of us.  But for those who are successful, focused and motivated, not that often. 

You become effective by being selective.  
 Rick Warren

That’s a great quote...and maybe another blog article?  Consistent, Persistent, Resistant.  Give it a try!  And if we can help you achieve any of these goals with your marketing materials - give us a call!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glossy or Matte?

Have you heard us ask you glossy or matte when you ordered your color copies or posters?  Have you ever wondered which one is better?  The answer is both!  The choice is determined by the purpose of the print or just by your personal preference.

As you probably know from developing your photos (back in the olden days - smile), glossy paper is shiny and more eye catching.  It gives the impression of being high quality.  The colors appear more vibrant and rich.  Glossy is often the choice when producing marketing materials because it is an attention grabber.

Matte paper has a dull, no gloss finish, and gives printed pieces a more artistic or sometimes textured look.  Matte finish is more easily read in most situations and lights.  Matte finish is often chosen for art projects, for black and white photography, or when the print with be framed behind glass.  Matte finish also wears best over time because it is less likely to show finger prints or to attract dust.

Both finishes have cons.  Items printed on gloss can be hard to read in bright light. Gloss will sometimes stick to glass if the item has been framed.  And gloss finished papers attract dust and fingerprints.  The downside of matte finish is that it is less likely to attract attention.  And colors are less vibrant than those printed on gloss.

Can’t make up your mind?  We have samples of both papers and examples of projects printed on them.  Stop by today and let our experts help you chose the right finish for your project!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

We hope you have a great long weekend and enjoy the holidays. This spring holiday season is a great time to reflect on how truly blessed we are by our customers and friends.  We appreciate your loyalty and trust.  We wish you and your family a very Happy Passover and Easter! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Elements That Make A Perfect Logo Design

It is usually created with a combination of elements such as graphics, illustrations, symbols, font, typography etc. A well-crafted logo does wonders for a brand; however a bad one can damage the reputation or create negative image. A logo immediately connects the target audience with the brand, provided it conveys the business philosophy and contains the right elements.
Following are some elements that should be taken care of to come up with good logo design:
1. Simple yet creative: Always remember the KISS rule (keep it simple silly). Logos which are full of colors with no logic behind them always create bad impressions. Hence is utmost important to keep the design simple yet creative. Too many elements can make the logo design complex; therefore it is advisable to use elements in subtle way. It is also important that a logo is esthetically appealing. Presentation of a logo is of utmost importance. The skills of a good logo designer come into play here. Using elements in a way that logo is simple yet esthetically beautiful creates a winning design.
2. Business philosophy: Since a logo provides the brand identity, hence it is extremely important to incorporate the business philosophy and values into the design. A good logo needs to include the brand and marketing message the company wants to convey to consumers.
3. Memorable: Elegant, stylish and creative logos are always memorable. There are several logos which look plain and simple but they are the big brands of the world. A well-designed Logo always creates brand re-call with the target audience.
4. Utility: A logo is used in various mediums. Since it is the brand identity, a logo is used on business stationery, website, brochures, promotional material etc. However, different variations of logo are used on different mediums. A good graphic designer creates a logo with its variations so that the brand owner gets to see its usability. Usually a logo is created in full colors along with a reverse option of Black & White. Hence it is important that the graphical elements are versatile to be used in different mediums. A logo should also be compact enough to be re-sized without compromising its esthetic value.
5. Eternal: A good logo withstands for a long time. It may need minor changes to keep it fresh and prevent it from being outdated. You don't need to change your logo when it already has associations created with your target audience.

Jason Samuel has experience in the field of online brand marketing. His interests includes Internet marketing and research on emerging online design trends logo design & web design.
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